Happy GoKarting


This feels more like a ‘follow-up’ from the last post about panning, even though honest to God I wasn’t planning on it (still remember being dizzy following the swing movement). The opportunity just landed on my lap last Sunday morning. Mr 7 was invited to a birthday party at an indoor GoKart place, I thought, well, I just brought my camera and see what happens.

I think it ‘sort of’ worked. Though I probably could be happier if the object looked a bit more focused, even though the article I read did say ‘the idea is to get the object relatively in focus with motion blur as background’. I’m pretty happy with this result. I used slower shutter speed (1/40), f5.6 aperture, and had to crank up the ISO to 1250 because the hall was pretty dark. I was going right to left (excellent waist exercise) following the movement of the ‘racers’. Thank God it was only kiddies’ GoKart race, so the speed was not that fast. 

Oh, yes, that was my Mr 7 in the red helmet ‘blazing’ passed. He drove really well!


ps: special shout out to Tommy for his great tips! Thanks, mate!


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