I started a photography course in January, and it’s been really great. I must admit sometimes it was hard to get on with my reading with the kids around me this summer holiday. Miracelously, I finished my second module of the program, and this photo was the one I submitted for the assignment. 

I had fun with this assignment. I picked Lego because I was practically ‘breathing’ Lego last week thanks to my son (click here to read All Lego Things). It was so unnerving when you finally finished with your assignment and was just seconds away from clicking that ‘submit’ button. It’s been awhile since the last time I made homework (ha!). And I have never been anxious about anything related to homework in my school years, until now. 

The assignment was divided into four parts. The first three was more theorical where we had to do some exercise and write up conclusions/findings to demonstrate our understanding, and the last one was for us to shoot a photo. It can be anything you want, find something around your house and plan the shoot. It was our first introduction to go through the process of taking photos, so we also had to write up our note, from the selection of things to shoot, the planning, the shooting and thoughts after. It was very interesting and I had fun with it. Another good news is, I finally got my mark for this module; it’s a 10/10! Yay!

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