I am a big fan of coffee, and I love enjoying great coffee and hang out at the coffee house. The coffee house that I went to this morning also sells a wide variety of coffee, so the air was thick with all the coffee aroma. It was good. Times two. The smell of coffee always makes me happy.

We went outside after finishing our coffee, the day was cloudy, and a bit cool, quitea lot of people still lining up to make their order, but it wasn’t noisy, and far from bustling. Muted noise. Peaceful. As we passed the glorious coffee zone and heading outside, a slight breeze blowing, and Bam! I felt like I wasn’t in Canberra anymore. It felt more like we were in Europe in autumn. Ridiculous? Totally. What was in my coffee one might even ask.

To my (weak) defence, it’s all in the smell. I think it was in the way the air smell (coffee aroma+chocolate+things baking+rain) as the cold wind blowing that my mind directly went to Europe. It lasted for two seconds, then I was back. Funny, isn’t it. One big breath and thousands of flickers of emotions from the faraway place suddenly filling my head, and left me smiling. Here’s hope that your day also smells fantastic today!


  1. Katrina Hinton

    Looks like Hansel and Gretel? I know exactly what you mean about smells being able to teleport you to another country but also another time. Coffee often teleports me to Spain, a trip I took 22 years ago; uno cafe grande con leche por favor!

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