Day 37 #Project365

It’s a love and hate thing. 20% love vs 80% hate. Yes, I’m talking about spiderwebs. I hate that they are everywhere; inside, outside, on the ceiling, at the gates, between the roses branches, EVERYWHERE. If I clean them (very rare occasion) I would see them again in two days at the same spot. Hardworking little buggers these spiders are. Making mess everywhere, I hate that. And spiders too. I hate them.

However, I love that these spiders trapped bugs (flies and co) with these webs, because it means they actually helping me in reducing the number of pesky bugs in my house. But the most interesting thing about spiderwebs is that no two spiderwebs alike (well, at least at my place) and they are actually quite pretty to photograph. I like the silvery threads that always glisten in the sun, and seems to always catch rain drops in a most peculiar way. The shape of the webs vary, and the ones inside the house are the most boring ones. The ones outside on the other hand, can be quite impressive. And scary at the same time, because you know the bigger and impressive they are the scarier the ‘owners’ are.

So here’s THE spiderweb of the day. The shape is not too impressive, I must admit, I think it’s because it’s located in a high wind area (at the gate) so it looked a bit loose, but with the sun flare from behind I think it still looks kinda special.



  1. a friend's friend

    Perhaps if you thank them at the cleaning time for keeping your house free of flies, they might try build just the necessary webs you even won’t bother cleaning them off in the future.

    Just a suggestion. 🙂

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