It’s a little girl’s world. All pink and bubbly, bees and butterflies, princess and castles, make-believe and dress ups. It is all oh so sweet. Tooth-achingly sweet. In every party or a play date, little girls always pick a corner, take a friend or two, and play make-believe. There is always a story. There is always a plot. But they all get it. It’s like they have their own codes. Everybody knows what her role is, knows what to say, how to behave.

This little pink polka dot pot sat right in the middle. And suddenly giggling little girls came around and sat down, each holding a little polka dot cup, and started chattering. A bit more tea for you? Oh no, no sugar for me please. How about a little milk? Oh yes, that’s be lovely!

This little world of sweetness and light was so enchanting, and everybody was so nice and calm and there’s lots of sharing around. Well, until a boy came and trampled all over the cups.

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