This is the view that I’ve been missing.

Last year I came to the lake at least twice a week to run. It’s my place if I want to run 5K or 10K. Less than 5 or in between 5 to 10km I run around my neighborhood. One round around the lake is roughly 5 kilometer, that’s the one of the reasons I do it like this. I haven’t been going the past months due to the school holiday, it got really difficult to find the time.

The other attractions to the lake is the view. It’s the same place, but it can look so different through out the year as the season changes. Autumn an winter are my favorite, spring is rather scary with the swooping magpies, and summer is just too hot.

This morning was perfect though. As the fake summer in Canberra continues, the morning was cool and cloudy. It was just perfect for my morning run.

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