Day 57 #Project365


Culling toys. And children books. That’s the order for the day. It’s more of a necessity than the order of the day really.

With birthdays came new toys and books and stuff that you can just ignore (or pretend that the number of things in your child’s room stayed the same) for maximum two years until your child’s room looked more like a tornado has landed in it and you could hardly see the furnitures anymore.

The plan was simple. Distract the owner of said toys and books, and never ask questions whether they still like this and that things because the answer was always yes. Just use your parental indiscretion and save all the tears and dramas for another battle. Take big bags, put things in, and quickly drop the bags outside to avoid your child stumble upon them in the hallway.

Goodbye and thanks too all the baby books, and old toys (including many Happy Meal’s toys that I’m not going to miss) that have served this family for as long as they did.


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