Day 80 #Project365


I was happy to inform that no bribing was conducted in taking this photo. I just had her ‘confined’ in her bath tub filled with bubbles, that way she couldn’t go anywhere. Trying to get her to sit still was proven challenging I gave up on asking her to look at me.

Ever since I had my kids I started to like taking really close up shots on them. Not always of their faces. Sometimes their chubby little fingers, or their feet, or like now, I focused on her lashes, thinking how long they are. I always enjoy looking back at these photos and wonder how fast time gone by and how much I cherished those moments when I could carry them in one arm, tiny limbs and all.

My Ms 4 was busy helping her rubber ducky to drink from a cup when I took this shot. I love the look of concentration on her face, and feeling really grateful that she doesn’t take after me in eye lashes department. What a lucky duck!

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