Day 95 #Project365

I had a lot of fun taking photos for today’s post, even though it started late. Late afternoon. It seemed that I only needed to look up and snapped away, because that’s where the ‘action’ was today.  I took this one on our way back home, even before I knew how pretty the color of the sky around my house was. I wanted to see whether I could manage to capture the sunset behind me along with its lovely hues.

The real fun was at home when I just pointed my iPhone at the lovely coloured sky. It was challenging to capture just the clouds without any traces of the suburb underneath. There were street lamps, the roofs of the houses, my neighbour’s chimney, or some crooked looking branches that all attempted to ruin my shots. Manmade world against Project 365, really. But I got a couple that I like, I might just use them in Instagram later.

Why I ended up posting this photo up, instead of the others, well, I’m not sure myself. Maybe I’m too much of a sunset junkie, or again, can’t stay away from another type of reflection. Or maybe both.

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