Day 101 #Project365

As a coffee lover I learned a long time ago not to judge a cup of coffee by its coffee art. An elaborate and pretty coffee art does not always guarantee a good cup. The coffee that I had this morning proved this theory. I enjoyed my morning coffee with a friend in a new place today, and it was a very nice coffee even when presented with a so so coffee art. I guess substance wins over look anytime. Look certainly helps, but without substance it would mean nothing. It’s like drinking a burnt coffee after admiring its intricately ‘drawn’ flower coffee art. All you remember after is that bitter taste in your mouth. Not nice.

To coffee lovers out there, may we be wary and never get too excited when presented with elaborate coffee art in our mug. Take a sip and judge after. If coffee is good, be reasonably grateful for the all round coffee experience. Then you have to come back to the same place twice, and only if your coffee experience is good each time those three times, you must tell your other coffee lover friends and share the coffee love.

*coffee art refers to designs created on the tops of espresso based drinks by a Barista (source: Webster’s Online Dictionary)

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