Day 106 #Project365

Mentally, even as I woke up I knew that I was in Sydney (other times it took me awhile to realise where I was). But, clearly I wasn’t that awake yet so I was shocked when I was looking at the weather for today and it said 7 degrees, slightly cloudy and foggy in the morning. I was like “Whaaaatttt??!!!” Then I realised. It was Canberra weather. Tapped Sydney, read 18 degrees and sunny, then I exhaled…phew.

It was a brilliant Sunday morning in Sydney today. A good one hour run at Sydney’s Centennial Park was what I needed after that crazy sinful baklava I had yesterday. Forgive me for not writing more, but it’s too nice of a day out there. I hope you have a good weather wherever you are and have a fabulous Sunday.

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