Day 113 #Project365

How lovely it was to be back home and found that most of the green trees have changed colours. Someone told me that the reason most of the trees in Canberra are changing colours in autumn is because they are not native Australian trees. These trees were imported from Europe, and Australian trees don’t change colours. I don’t know whether that’s true, I might google it at a later date, but one thing for sure, I LOVE it. I’m grateful for that person who made the decision to plant beautiful trees with changeable colours many many years ago.

At my own house I think we are surrounded by native plants. The leaves of the big tree in front of my house stay green all year round. Major bore. Fortunately, the trees in the neighbourhood are of wider variety. One tree had gone all burgundy red. It’s beautiful. I took a short walk around the corner and was rewarded by this pretty sight. A yellow tree! There was one, much bigger one close to my son’s school which had gone yellow as well, but this week that tree had lost almost all of its top leaves (totally missed the train on that one). The sun hit the tree just right, I felt so lucky to be there and captured it. Now you all can see it too.

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