Day 114 #Project365

Those who have Jamie Oliver’s cook books know that the photos in his books are fantastic. Photos that can make your mouth water or make you feel like you simply have to cook it. So tonight, after the pasta dish (using Jamie’s recipe) was ready, I called my kids to dinner table to eat while I took my tripod and had a play with my camera, tried to finish the photo shooting before the food got cold.

The objective today was to make my dish looked “believable”, and of course, edible. You know, to make sure that the brocoli looked as green as it should, the meat looked like a “naturally coloured” meat and so on. I want to avoid having a photo that’s over saturated in colour that you get from applying a bit too much filters/effect (usually by using iPhone apps) that made the food looked inedible let alone appetizing. I used only the lighting from my kitchen, trusted the Auto White Balance in my camera, and put my tripod to use (my hands couldn’t be steady at shutter speed 1/6). I adjusted the White Balance post production to reduce the yellowish effect my kitchen light caused.

In another news, the pasta was delicious and the cold beer was doing a fabulous job washing it all down. Cheers.

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