Day 120 #Project365

Today was the last day of school holiday in Canberra. It’s a typical Sunday in the suburb. We drove around a nearby suburb looking for a fast food restaurant for a quick take-away. Too tired to cook, and couldn’t be bothered with more nutritious choice. Good thing I bothered to look up to see this sunset sky, otherwise we will suffer another book cover pattern shot.


  1. Cassie

    I was just looking at other people’s 365 photos on wordpress and I came across yours. I lived in Canberra for 8 months last year and I missed it so much as soon as I saw your photo. There were the most brilliant sunsets there. Wow, I miss it. Thank you for this.

    • Thanks a lot Cassie! I love it when people just “stumbled” on my post and liking it. Sunset scene is one of my fave shot to take, so I have a couple of those in here (invitation to look around my blog is officially extended). I agree with you sunset in Canberra can be quite magical..

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