Day 121 #Project365

We’ve arrived to the end of April. A third of the year 2012 has just passed and I have been taking photos every day like a maniac. There was a slight change to the way I did the project this month by including photos taken with a DSLR to what used to be a 100% iPhone photos only project. It was the best decision ever.

I’ve had my fun with my iPhone the first three months but I felt the limitation from it as well towards the end of March. From the beginning I intended for this project to “force” me take more photos so I can learn from it, so really, it shouldn’t matter what camera I use. There’s no set rules anyway. It’s my project, my rule.

The inclusion of DSLR has made taking photos so much more enjoyable. I’ve had more fun this month than before because I could experiment more, and I think that’s the whole point of this project and this made me quite happy.

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