Day 123 #Project365


The weather was wet today I felt like I spent most of the time inside the car keeping dry. It has become a habit now to take my camera everywhere, so while Mr 8 stopped me from getting out of the car because he wanted to finish listening to his favourite song in the radio I took the camera out for a possible water drops shot while sitting in the driver seat inside the car on our driveway. Until I glanced at my rear view mirror then all water drops were forgotten.

Ms 4 is a joyful child. And she never sits still. I caught her reflection in the mirror being silly and having tremendous fun dancing to the song while checking herself out in the mirror. Very self-absorbed. It was hilarious. We had the sun roof opened (the panel not the glass) which allow soft light coming in just enough to light her face and body nicely. I was grateful for this light because otherwise it would be too dark in the car with the day being rainy and cloudy still.

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