Day 127 #Project365

A little observation in my 4 y.o daughter’s behaviour during her shoe shopping session this afternoon:

  1. she knew what she wanted but she would try about a dozen others and get totally side-tracked
  2. practicality and comfort were not the top of the list (at the heat of the argument she actually held a pair of toddler sized shoes in her hands and insisted they would fit)
  3. given two choices she would prefer to take the two pairs instead of choosing one
  4. hungry for sibling’s approval and at the same time was suspicious of his opinions (as sibling’s opinion always drew a big NO from the parental units and followed by a mischievous chuckle by the said sibling )
  5. in confusion, always grab two pair of shoes

Funny thing was before the whole drama and all the crazies, she already knew what shoes she wanted. Her new shoes would be shiny, gold and have something pink on it (shiny and pink combo is big among 4 year olds).

I’m sure (or hope) that in time she will learn:

  1. to do shoe shopping on her own
  2. never trust her brother’s style in female shoes
  3. never take male companions to do shoe shopping with (I know this is a repetition of point 1, but I just can’t stress this enough)
  4. taking the two pairs is NOT always a bad idea 😉

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