Day 141 #Project365

The red keyboard is not the result of photo editing. They are my new ‘protective’ thermoplastic that (hopefully) will keep my keyboard save from spills, dust and water, which, believe me, is quite a high risk in this house hold. It is completely washable and reusable. It won’t help you type any faster and it might boost a bit of your creativity, but it will definitely make your keyboard looks HOT!

I discovered this ‘need’ to protect my keyboard once we were at the shop where I saw this baby for the first time. Easily impressed with anything gadget related (or whatever frills that can be used with gadgets), I did not need a long time to make the purchase decision. To find the right color, now that took a bit longer time.

This post was appropriate to end the week, because this week really highlighted how much I love gadgets, or anything electronics, especially anything produced by Apple, and my family knows that giving me new gadgets is the sure way to win my heart! Not expensive shoes or bags. New gadget will make up a horrible week, boost my happy mood for weeks and MORE. Today’s post will be a short one because I have to welcome some new ‘toys’ into our family. Surely you’d all understand.

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