Day 142 #Project 365

After what felt like a century of waiting to get well, I finally felt fit enough to go running this morning. It was cloudy, and pretty chilly, but I knew it was nothing compared to the colder mornings to come. It felt good to be able to go outside and run again. I was huffing and puffing at the beginning, but soon my body learnt the pace and things became easier again.

I actually like running in the colder months better than in summer. You just have to wear a proper gear in winter and the running is easier because the cold can help you stay cool (not overheated) throughout the run. I have run longer and further in the past all during winter time. You can’t do that in hotter months. In summer it’s either waking up early –mission impossible for me– or wait until the sun almost going down –around dinner time (craziest time of the day)– to run comfortably. Any other time it’s gonna be too hot. Australian summers give serious heat, and no gear can save you from it.

These three items on the photo are some of my winter running ‘buddies’. A dog leash for my Bruno, my trusty running shoes, and some gloves because I can not stand frozen fingers, and I can’t run with my hands in my pockets all the time. Adding a hat, long running tights, a light jacket and some ear muffs I am ready to go. It seems a lot, you say? Indeed it is. But hey, like anything else, winter is bearable if you are prepared. And I am prepared to run in below zero temperatures of Canberra morning! Bring it!!

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