Day 147 #Project365

I love books. The thicker the better. Nothing heavy, mostly fiction. It’s a way to ‘escape’ so I see no point in escaping and burdening myself with some heavy philosophical topic or anything alike. I wish I had more time just to read books (without interruptions every 2 minutes) and only come up for air when I need sustenance. Or shower.

Winter, however, always comes with that extra times for me. It gets darker earlier, and colder outside too, so our time outdoor was significantly reduced compare to summer time. This is the book I just bought because recently I was hooked to the TV series Game of Thrones, and the show was based on these fantasy books by George RR Martin. This first book (four books in total) is about seven hundred pages thick, I’m not sure about the rest of the books but I hope they are equally thick. If that’s the case I see that I have my winter all set. Now if you’d excuse me, A Song of Ice and Fire awaits.

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