Day 156 #Project365

The morning was thick in mist. The air was filled with tiny invisible drops. I love this kind of morning. Unlike the rain where you always have to wait until it’s stop completely to walk around and take photos, you can just walk right out in the mist, enjoy the world in a more subdued setting and maintain relatively dry. I stopped at the park and was glad to find that everything looked like they were bejewelled by beautiful tiny diamonds.

The background was almost completely white as it was still thick with the mist even at 9 o’clock. I don’t think the sun will even come out and play today.

I am sharing two photos in today’s post. The second one I decided to post because it costed me my pants, the knee parts got totally soaked from kneeling on wet grass. The subject, the long bejewelled grass, was leaning  on the low wooden fence in the park, so to get the right angle I had to either lie down completely on my belly, or just kneeled down and crouched really low. I chose the lesser of the two wetness possibilities, and couldn’t say I regretted it.

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