Day 206 #Project365

This is Louie. He is an old Belgian Cattle dog (Bouvier Des Flanders) that I met and hung out with recently. He’s a big dog, weighs around 50 kg, and has the most tangled fur I’ve ever seen in a dog. Louie is not the cleanest dog either, but as most dogs, he has very kind eyes that just begs for a pet. He’s very good at it so of course he gets what he asks for. He came with two other old dogs (I missed to capture them in a picture), an old Beagle called Bailey and an equally old Schnauzer called Sio. They were all walking together with two oldies man handlers. What a cute and friendly group they made. Just a wonderful elderly pack enjoying their morning walk.

One comment

  1. Cassie

    I love how you describe the dogs walking together – it’s like their friends taking a midday waltz. He’s lovely. He looks like a wise old man.

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