Day 210 #Project365

Capturing the motion was what I aimed for with this shot. At Ms 4’s friends’ birthday party today I was pleasantly surrounded by dancing girls. They were twirling, hopping, skipping to the music, it was lovely to see. I took the opportunity to learn how to capture their motion with my camera.

The attempt was to keep the body (and hopefully head) sharp, while the tutu a bit blurry because of the swirling movement. I am quite happy with this shot even though Ms C (one of the birthday girls) was looking the other way. She was totally lost in the moment and that’s how much she loves dancing. It was my intention to capture all that in this image, and I think I was close.

Image was taken with Nikon D90, using my trusty prime lens (50mm, 1.4G) |ISO400|f1.6|f/160

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