Day 218 #Project365

This was my boy’s first swimming ‘race’. It’s not a race in traditional sense, you know, against other people, but he was doing a Personal Best ‘Race’ (PB Race) against..well, himself, that the swimming school organised once a month. They record his swimming time in each style, and  his time this month will be compared to the time he will make the next month to see how he progresses..or not.

I was excited because this was the first time he agreed to take part in this. Yes, some rewards (as a bribe) might have been promised to get him going, but hey, whatever works right?

Armed with my fast lens I sat on the floor ready to take an Olympic-worthy shot of my son’s swimming while also trying to protect my camera from the water splash. It was not an easy feat, I tell you, but it sure was fun.

Nikon D90|prime lens 50mm,1.4G|ISO1000|f/1.8|1/200

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