Day 218 #Project365

This was my boy’s first swimming ‘race’. It’s not a race in traditional sense, you know, against other people, but he was doing a Personal Best ‘Race’ (PB Race) against..well, himself, that the swimming school organised once a month. They record his swimming time in each style, and Β his time this month will be compared to the time he will make the next month to see how he progresses..or not.

I was excited because this was the first time he agreed to take part in this. Yes, some rewards (as a bribe) might have been promised to get him going, but hey, whatever works right?

Armed with my fast lens I sat on the floor ready to take an Olympic-worthy shot of my son’s swimming while also trying to protect my camera from the water splash. It was not an easy feat, I tell you, but it sure was fun.

Nikon D90|prime lens 50mm,1.4G|ISO1000|f/1.8|1/200


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