Day 227 #Project365

When one sick kid on the weekend became two sick kids once the new week started, one had to find more creative ways to entertain the said kids. A collection of good movies were always valued in a time like this, but even watching movies has its limit. Playing board games was out of the questions considering the kids’ low energy. Coughs and sneezes were the music of the day, competing with the endless whining and whingeing.

For Mr 8 however, no energy was too low for Lego building. I found him in his room busy building his dragon and looked quite content. While he looked quite happy and content on the photo,  whilst the other photo gave me quite a different effect. The layer self-denial was getting pretty thin in blocking my vision to all of this, I couldn’t run away anymore. I think the time is here to finally do something about this mess. After I cleaned up all the play doh mess Ms 4 left on the dining table. Of course.

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