Day 234 #Project365

Tomorrow’s event lead me to visit the unlikely place today. The fabric shop. One of the top things I am suck at is sewing, and that also includes everything that requires needles, threads and sharp long pokey things like knitting, cross stitching and embroidery. Crochet? No, thanks. But, it’s okay. I’ve learned to accept this shortcomings in highschool, and have since moved on.

I have to conjure up a knight costume for Mr 8 tomorrow, for his book week’s parade at school. He dropped this bomb on Monday, or in other word, yesterday. I had less than 48 hours warning. To be fair, I myself failed to read last week’s newsletter properly, and all info about book week was there. So I shared the blame here too. So anyway, this was how I landed at the fearsome (but very colourful) shop to find fabric to make a knight’s tunic. I realised a little too late at the shop that my English and basic knowledge in the fabric/sewing area was quite limited (hem? thread? a special needle for wool? What?!). Only because of my miming ability that the sweet shop lady finally understood what I wanted.

The photo shows the pile before I started the ‘project’, with a giant bottle of glue standing ready. Little that I knew that stupid tacky craft glue didn’t work; the cross made of stupid felt just did not want to stick to the red fleece tunic. So, with the love I bear my son, I picked up a needle and thread, and started to stitch the crosses on. It was a painful and lengthy process, but it’s done. The stitches would not make my mum glow with pride, but hey, good thing she’s not here to see them.

Stay tune for the ‘presentation’ of the complete knight costume tomorrow.


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