Day 253 #Project365

Today the whole family went out to support D who participated in 10K  2012 Canberra Times Fun Run. It was such a great day for it too, 5000 runners showed up for the event.

There was minimise energy spent when you were just ‘supporting’. While my significant other was huffing and puffing through streets of Canberra, me and the kids were just hanging out and waiting close to the finish line to see him when he passed it.

Waiting was not too boring if you were armed with 70-300mm telelens. It’s a great venue and event to play further with the lens, which was fun. So many far-away-things to see. Before the first runner came, there were the spectators, the whole finish line set up, the professional photographers at work who rocked super cameras & lenses I couldn’t help feeling camera-envy, and oh so many other interesting things to capture. Then the first runners came. They came trickling down at the beginning but soon it was more like a wave of runners coming together, which made me pay attention to the sweaty runners so not to miss D made it to finish (by this time they all started to the same). Luckily, I did not miss and made the shot.

Here are more of the photos I took today, I had so much fun out there I’m feeling like sharing…

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