Day 260 #Project365

Ok. A lousy attempt was better than zero attempt. At least today. One thing I like the least is taking a Self Portrait. However, Darren Rowse from DPS yesterday posted pretty good shot of himself (plus instructions) on how to do Self Portrait using an iPhone, which he then posted in Instagram.

Feeling quite tired after spending almost the day out and found myself totally empty on ideas to post today, I thought I’d give it a try. So here was my take on the Self Portrait on an iPhone today. I used Snapseed to edit; to crop it, to adjust contrast/sharpness/blurriness and changed it into black and white. The light was not great in the room where I took the picture, hopefully the lack of colours helped to hide some not so pleasant details. 😉

Despite my aversion to Self Portrait, I thought the exercise was quite fun, I would definitely give it another try next time with better lighting.

Photo was taken using an iPhone

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