Day 265 #Project365

Nikon D90 | AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G | ISO640 | f/4 | 1/160 |

Who would’ve thought that it’s such a nightmare to cut jelly beans in two? The hard outer part always cracks when I put more pressure on the small sharp knife, or when it doesn’t crack then the gooey part would just changes its shape from being squeezes too hard. Luckily I brought the other jelly beans (non blue ones) to practice. 20 busted jelly beans later I (sort of) got the hang of it. I added the little toes using Wilton’s Decorating Gel from the tube.

These baby feet cupcakes, which Ms 4 called ‘the stinky feet’ cupcakes, are so ready for some baby shower fun tomorrow.

Photo was taken using an iPhone


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