Day 348 #Project365


The Mulley Street Yarn-a-thon was today. I’ve written about this event in a post back in August, at the beginning of it. Some of people from the local community, the students of schools involved in the project, even the ACT Chief Minister were there. The gathering was to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the big and horrible bush fire of 2003 in Canberra.

The trees and the close surrounding area were, as promised and intended, ‘bombed’with yarns. It’s quite an interesting look, that’s why I thought I share more photos today. I, myself, have never seen anything like this. This project was an initiative by the community to remember the disaster that was the bush fire. One lady from the community who lived in the area during the fire shared her story about that time, and she said as bad as the fire was, bad memories fade whereas good memories (about the support of the close-knit community in Canberra) get stronger and stay with them forever.

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