happy birthday, Bruno!


My dog Bruno turned 10 today. Hip hip hoorah! His greyish muzzle shows his age, but I can’t say the same about his behaviour. He still behaves like a pup. It’s true what they say, Labradors have a (very) long period of puppyhood. In Bruno’s case, I’m afraid, it’s never ending.

Bruno is a well travelled dog. He was born in Lommel (Belgium), 10 years ago, and moved with us to Australia when he was 5. He left Belgium a month before we did, and he had to stay for 1 month in quarantine in Sydney. He has his own passport, and I remember that his travel/medical document was one centimetre thicker than all our family’s combined.

He is a happy 10 year old dog. He makes me and my family happy, and we are endlessly entertained by him. I am a less crazy person thanks to him. His healthy vibe gives such great comfort and joy. I do believe that home is where my dog is.

Happy birthday, my gorgeous pup!


  1. Labradors have such a good nature toward people, especially children. I used to have golden retriever, and he was gorgeous and still had that puppy face even though he was 13 years old. He died last year from cancer 😦 I have 3/4 golden retriever and 1//4 German Shepperd now, but he’s more golden retriever than German Shepperd! 🙂

    • Sorry to hear about your loss a year ago. I’m sure that dog had a great life with you and your family.

      Three quarter German shepherd and a quarter retriever? Interesting mix..!

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