monkey business


In this rare occasion, Mr 9 did not actually run (or made stupid silly faces/blocked his face with various objects/hid his face) when I asked him to stop, stand still and look at my camera. I did not ask him to pose or anything, because I’ve learned my lesson and I know enough by now how to ‘work’ my own kids.

I love his expression. His eyes were intense, expressive and so boyish. Without any form of bribe this usually happens once in a blue moon. There was cheekiness in the way he stared at me through the lens. The fact that there was a ‘pet’ monkey dangling on his neck was so incredibly him. I could not tell him to take the monkey off his neck. This portrait was taken on his terms.  Monkey or no portrait at all. Grateful that a possible blue moon was rising that day, I decided monkey it is…

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