the colors of ASEAN

Indonesian Dancer

On one Saturday, about two weeks ago, an event was held in ANU to celebrate ASEAN day (known to be observed on the 8th of August). As it always happens when people from many countries and cultures gather together, there was a lot of food, drink and loads of merry-making.

From behind the lens, it was the splash of colours from various traditional costumes worn by most of the performers that really brightened the day in the most spectacular way. The costumes were colourful and special. See how gorgeous the dancer from top photo is! Get even closer, you’d notice also the amazing details of decoration that adorns the top, the headpiece, accessories, and even the hair. The photos in this post are mostly from Indonesian performers, because I was busy eating and sitting right in the middle of the Indonesian crowd. I promise that next time I’d eat less and walk around more to shoot more people from other countries as well.

Also not to be missed were the hustle of getting ready, fixing your outfit, and make up touch-ups.


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