hair play

Collage K

The idea was to take a clean head shot of my daughter in her short do. She has been rocking this for a while now, but a couple of months ago when we decided to chop it off from her below shoulder length, we were amazed by how drastically different she looked. I love this hair on her, because it’s so easy to maintain, and light. No more 15 minutes before school hair battle trying to untangle everything and comb/braid/brush/pin/pull it into submission. I blamed the hair every time we arrived late at school.

Normally whenever I want to take a portrait of her, she IS the challenge for the shoot, since she is just unable to sit still. This time the swing and the wind came into play and conspired to not make the shoot any easier to take. Try to find her little face behind all that flying hair!

I’m glad I finally got the shot. I’m not sure when I can see her hair this short again after she told me yesterday that she wants to let it grow long from now on. Yep! Down to her bum. Damn that Rapunzel!

Head Shot K


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