Gardens by the Bay – The Cloud Forest

Gardens by the Bay is my new favourite place in Singapore. As our taxi drove closer, my excitement grew just from the sight that was right in font of us.The domes, the Super Tree constructions, the sheer size of the place was impressive, and quite overwhelming. 

This is the Cloud Forest. The world’s tallest indoor waterfall welcomed you as soon as you entered the dome. The super fine mists in the air freshened and cooled you straight away. Coming from the sunny, hot and humid world outside, this felt super duper awesome. You could feel some cool wind when you stood close to the water fall from the sheer energy of the water that falls from the top of the 35 metre high ‘Cloud Mountain’. You couldn’t help but to look up and forget to close your mouth for a second of two. It was that awesome.

_DSC6157 - 619

Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest boasts to feature plants from Tropica Montane regions between 1000 to 3500 above the sea level, and offers different experience on each level of elevation. You get to do the Cloud Walk at the top of the mountain, looking at some dripping wet flowers (because the continuous spraying of the mists), or going to the lowest ground to the Secret Garden to see some weird plants that looked unfamiliar and odd. There were also a lot of what I called ‘educational sections’, which equipped with interactive media to share information about the environments.

For me though, I couldn’t get over the dome and its construction. When you walked that catwalk at the top there was just so much to see. Through the thousands of glass panels in many sizes and shapes, you could see the beautiful view outside of the surrounding gardens and the cityscape. Look down and you could see tiny people walking far below you on the ground, all looking up like you did the first time you entered the dome, with their mouths hanging open. And of course, there’s that indoor mountain and that waterfall again.  Who knew that ‘walking in the clouds’ was so much fun.

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest


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