Portrait Project – 23/52

three sweethearts

My precious hearts.

I ‘asked’ these three to drop everything and to stay together in one spot for an impromptu after dinner photo shoot. I just remember I don’t have a picture of them together, and I would like to have one. One good one.

Well, dog had nothing in particular that he had to do, so that was kinda interesting how bored he looked, couldn’t tell what his problem was. My kids, on the other hand, was a different matter. There were loads of fun things to do especially when you had no homework – it’s fallow week this week (yay!)- so to sit still, even for 5 minutes was apparently too hard. It was like trying to stop the Energizer Bunnies from buzzing when there was no on/off button insight.

In the end, this is the image that I love most from the bunch. My precious three.

Note: No dog dies of boredom during or after the photo session. The undeserving dog even had a treat as a reward for his patience during the whole ordeal. He was extraordinarily more expressive and lively then.


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