The A-Z is a project I decided to do this year. It is my take on A-Z photography project.

  • The project will start with a letter A, and finishes with letter Z (haha, I know it’s basic but I just need to put it out there, right)
  • The number of total blog posts for this project will be 26, as there are 26 letters in modern alphabet
  • Each post will feature a photograph of one letter, shaped by whatever I find around me ( I feel that the letter Q will be a b*tch of a shape to find)
  • Then I will pick a word that uses the letter; it can be anything, as I am not limiting myself to a certain word classifications. The word may be an adjective, a verb, a noun…it does not matter. Words from other languages are also may be used, as we are multilingual in my household
  • Another photo that represents the chosen word (based on the letter) will also be featured in the post. A silly example of this is: A: for Apple, then I will put an image of Apple for the letter A post, hopefully I am not this desperate, though, you get the picture
  • Photos may be taken using whatever cameras I have on me, iPhone camera included

I think the sky is the limit. Time is no longer a factor in completing each blog post as a project, the way project 365 or 52 weeks portraits do, it’s going to be more of a content based project. I am quite excited about this. Imagine how much fun I will have.

I promise myself not to drag on too long between posts just to keep this personal momentum going. So stay close, let’s ride this new adventure together.

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